A chilling out day!

Well the little man is definitely better and thinks his “ickies” have totally disappeared. We spent the morning cuddled on the couch watching “Growing up Creepy”. Well mom read a book but the kids chilled out all the way through lunch time. Then it just got to be too much, the kids felt the burning desire to venture outside. I was leery of letting DS go outside but he was looking, acting and feeling much better so I figured a little fresh air wouldn’t hurt. They have just come back in, he says he feels very tired but no “ickies” and well DD is content to sit and snuggle with him.

Now they are discussing the rocks they found and apparently brought in the house. DD dug out her rock ID book. DS is amazed that there are different types of rocks. So they have a quest to see how many different rocks they can find and want to document where they found them. We will see how it goes but it looks like budding geologists will be living here for a while.

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