What a wonderful day this has been!

HHhhhmm…I do believe that is a line from a country music song or some other genre. Anyway, we had one heck of a day. I really hadn’t thought we did too much school wise today until I spoke with my dad, the main naysayer in all of this. Like I have said he is coming around slowly. You can teach old dogs new tricks. LOL

Well, we started with a video on Pioneer Life. We got about half way through it and did a Q&A session. DD picked up quite a bit of information and asked some brilliant questions and gave some brilliant answers. We were surprised though, since DS decided to play at being a “puppy” and was very distracting. However, even he had picked up little bits of information and thinks it would be cool to ride in a covered wagon on a trail and all that. Then we told him he would be considered big enough to round up buffalo chips, help with cooking, cleaning, etc and he would have to be in bed early because they got up early in the morning. And he would have to walk everywhere. That sort of changed his mind a bit, but he still thinks it would be kind of cool.

This was followed by free range grazing by DD and DS. Lunch was raisins, carrot sticks, cheese crackers, grapes and honey nut Cherrios (aka circle cereal with the bee). Apple juice to drink and a popsicle for dessert. The kids got to pick and choose what they ate out of the choices offered. DS still thinks that grapes are just balls and won’t eat them. Bite a huge hole in his pink kick ball but won’t eat a grape because it looks like a ball. Go figure.

Then there was the reading of the history of St. Patricks Day. Starting with some biographical information on Saint Patrick. DD did this and she sounded so good reading out loud. It has been a long struggle for her and of course it is a totally different skill than just reading. DS listened intently but really just wanted to know about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Then we had coloring and cutting and gluing and mess making. Leprechaun hats were made, connect the dots with lower case letters, DS actually did his own with no mistakes. He even colored in the lines, well for the most part. They did a color by letter picture. Shamrocks were colored in a wide variety of colors and the taped to a clean spot on the fridge.

By the time they were done and the rains had stopped, they went out to play. We decided against making sugar cookies and will do those tomorrow as a post St. Patty’s Day treat.

But the things I noticed that were accomplished have reinforced that we are doing the right thing and that the kids are learning by leaps and bounds. DD is improving in her reading skills, following directions with less difficulty and retaining knowledge even when she doesn’t appear to be paying attention. We did some math with pots of gold and she does know her basic math facts through multiplication. So we know we need to start on division. She is developing a love of history in small doses. DS does know his alphabet, he does know some site words quite well, he is developing his fine motor skills. Did I mention he buttoned his own shirt tonight? He is very creative and aware of colors and color combinations. He can count well past 50 when he so chooses, he will eat veggies cooked now, he is sleeping in his own room, in his own bed.

They both are doing so well and enjoying being kids. It really makes us more comfortable with our decision to homeschool.

Well, it has been a long day and while daddy was actually asked to read tonight for bed time story, DS still needs mommy song and mommy snuggles. He has already called Mr. O’Bear to bed and is waiting.

Light and Love!!

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