No I am not awake earlier than normal

It is actually fairly normal for me to be up this early. I just don’t have to pick DH up this morning and I actually slept last night. Still tired though the concept of getting a good amount of sleep at night is still fairly out of reach. I may even go back to sleep for a bit.

I have started the works on withdrawing from school. I sent an email to my advisor. I have mulled this over and over for the last two weeks. I have gotten behind and it is next to impossible to catch up at this point. I will re-enroll at a later date. But I have found myself spending more time with the kids, who are much more important and time with my husband. Generally speaking the stress of cramming all that information into short sessions has just not been my cup of tea. When I return to school it will more than likely be to the local university with the combo of online and regular classroom sessions. I may even wait a little while until DS is ready to sit quietly for a little bit and take the kids with me. DD went with me last time but not old enough to remember and she was interested at that time. We will see what happens. I don’t think my inspiration for going back to school would even have a problem with my withdrawing (for those who don’t know it is my mom).

I want to get back to writing my own work, though I may do the two papers that I have been assigned just for general knowledge both are interesting topics. For Art History it is to pick a couple of pieces of art work that would demonstrate how politics affect art. For Mass Media I chose to cover 50 years of news broadcasting and how it has affected society and it’s political interpretation based on the availability of information.

So here I sit, having woken up because it was simply time to do so and thinking about my life from here on out sans school. I love being in school, but complete online education is just not going to work for me. It is not that I am not internet savvy, or that I haven’t a clue about how it all works. A lot comes down to the basic problem I always have, I send myself off in too many directions at once. So something has to give. So far it has been my online time and now school.

I have no fear that I will be bored or lack for things to do, blog postings may become more frequent and well, I might actually finish a few other projects. I think I might even start categorizing my blog so that I can post on different topics and offer up some of the information I have been sharing on my home school yahoo groups. I really and truly feel that I have established the whole, who am I thing in my mind. I know I am more than mom and wife or wife and mom. Self exploration is an awesome thing and I thank my family for their support on this latest journey.

Well on that note some proposed categories:

  • Homeschooling info based on current list discussions
  • My current works in progress and their progress
  • My works available for sale
  • Frugal tips
  • Cooking
  • Baking
  • Gardening
  • Recycling
  • General Ramblings

HHmmm…I better copy that list in to notepad while it is still quiet around here and get going on determining where past posts will go. More than likely at this point, general ramblings. My goodness it feels good to write and ramble on and on without pressure to hurry up and finish so I can go comment on other people’s work.

Light and Love!!

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