List of pending projects

Oh my this could be quite a list but here goes:

  • Frugal Cooking Book (I just need to sit and write)
  • Frugal Cook Book (companion to the above)
  • Children’s Story Collection
  • Poetry Collection
  • Articles for posting on and
  • My own website/logo etc

I think that is just a start. I look to update this list once I get myself going. The time I was dedicating to school is going to be used to dedicate to these works. The first two being top priority, followed by website/logo creation. the Children’s Story Collection is going to be a collection of stories that my dad told me that had been passed down to him, I have been doing the same with my own children. We are also collaborating as a family to come up with some new stories.

I may even include some curriculum development but that is going to be harder to do since we aren’t using one for homeschooling. Well, it is getting late and I am getting used to having a regular night’s sleep these days.

Light and Love!

3 thoughts on “List of pending projects

  1. Hey sweetie, I think the only two places we haven't connected have been myspace and or facebook. LOLThank you for the comments, they are greatly appreciated.


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