Happy St. Patty’s Day!!

Well, the corned beef is up in the slow cooker. We are going to forgo the cabbage and have spinach instead and mashed potatoes and beer bread. My husband’s side of the family is a hogde pogde of ancestory. Mine is pretty distinct. Russian Jewish on mom’s side and Irish Catholic on dad’s side. So today we will be wearing the green and making shamrocks and generally carousing and being silly.
I do have to think of something for dessert, I am just not quite sure what to make. I will be doing some hunting down of traditional desserts perhaps.

Plans are moving forward to get our garden in place, designs have been drawn and are being followed. DH had a wonderful idea to build boxes with plywood bottoms so we do not have to worry about soil contamination. We live right behind the airport so we will still have to deal with jet fuel and all that but keeping the plants in their grow boxes will cut down on the nasties that the plants suck up.

It is our weekend so today and tomorrow will be spend relaxing. I am struggling with my classes and will be taking the next quarter off to get a break and concentrate more on home and hearth. Also to really put time into finishing my writings and various other projects that have come to a stand still.

I miss my online family in Second Life, I haven’t logged in in ages. So maybe I will spend some time there as well. I have decided that I am going to go back to just enjoying being there and not worrying about anything else. I have plenty of jobs in real life, I really don’t need any virtual ones.

We still have the internet radio stream but more or less are using it for our own enjoyment. I have also become addicted to online poker, Texas Hold Em. Fascinating game actually, there is a lot more to it than I thought. We will see where that leads as time goes by. Right now I am just using play money.

We have had several rainy days and it has been absolutely miserable but I think the rain is abating after today.

Well I am going to get myself together and get today’s festivities under way! Oh I know for dessert we could have sugar cookies with green sprinkles!!

Light and Love!!

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