School projects I am working on.

I have always loved art. My current Survey of Modern and Contemporary Art class is a blast. I am really learning to understand why I love certain pieces and not others. Until returning to school everything I knew about art came from my own research. So learning the language of critique, how light and form come together, etc has been amazing. My final project for this class I have a choice, I can choose one piece of art work to write about or write about how a particular movement has influenced or been influenced by political movements of the time they were created. Not so easy, either way it means picking from so many works of art. I am slowly gathering my stuff for it though.

Now Fundamentals of Mass Media Communication is a different animal, not entirely though as art is a part of communication. Our final project for this is a 10-15 (minimum) term paper on how mass media has affected society. So I have chosen television news coverage for the last fifty years. A huge undertaking but I think I an handle it. Actually DH helped me to narrow my original topic down to something very specific. I am having a blast researching written materials and doing some interviews to gather information. When I am done I will probably post a synapses of what I have learned.

Anyway, I am being drug outside for today’s homeschooling project and play time. It is an absolutely beautiful day outside!

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