Just too beautiful outside

It is just too beautiful outside today to keep everyone in the house. Well, the kids did go outside yesterday for a few hours, it was still pretty cold. Everyone is finally awake, except for DH who works tonight, so he is catching a few extra hours.

Today’s project is going to be cleaning up the yard to get ready for putting gardens in. We worked on drawing up a plan and laying out what we are going to do in each spot. We are going to measure to make sure the garden boxes we are going to set up will fit where we want them. Watch all day to see where the sun falls so that we can plant appropriately. Mark off (if we find the string and enough sticks) like surveyors for all the different spots.

So I guess you could say we are covering math, maps, surveying, and PE today. There will of course be breaks for bubble blowing, ball tossing and general tromping around.

Light and Love, apparently momma is holding everyone up sitting at the computer.

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