I just had to write about this

What can I say? I am a proud momma! The kids created their own new friend “Oven”. Now before I get into the invention of “Oven” I will have to explain how “Car” came to be. When DD was about 4 years old (same age that DS is now), we were having a melt down as tired littles will have at the end of a long day. The only thing I could think of while we were driving home (we were an hour away from home) was what my mother had told me to do (of course I still didn’t want to hear all her advice even then) and distract her. To this day I cannot remember what had set the melt down off but I started talking to her in the voice of “Car”. To this day no matter what we are driving “Car” talks to the kids.

Fast forward to this very morning. DD remembered how much fun it was (not the meltdown that started it all) to create a new friend. So she sat at the bar where the kid computer is and started talking to her brother as “Oven”. DS then proceeded to make up stories about dragons and then decided to pull out his Dr. Seuss books and read to “Oven”. Well to our delighted surprise we heard him reading. He has memorized his favorite stories and knows that there are words on the pages. But to him he is reading. So we got to sit and read together for a little while.

It is absolutely amazing to see the result of natural learning. We were joking about what books he will be reading in a few years if he chooses to continue to move in this direction. I said Tolstoy, my husband said Sun Tzu. I think he might be right on this occassion. DS is very into justice, righting wrongs and generally idolizes heroes of any kind.

Imagination, fun, and relaxation. What a learning environment! We are simply enjoying life with our kids.

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