General Ramblings

Daddy’s visit was great. He was here for a couple of days, partied pretty hard when he came but otherwise we enjoyed our time with him. The kids are looking forward to his next visit the end of this month.

Classes are overwhelming but enjoyable. Ok admittedly the text book for Mass Media Communication is dry but the class itself is very interesting. I am trying to think of the topic I want to research and do a 10-15 page paper on. The 3 page proposal is due on Tuesday. The basic idea that the instructor wants to cover is how society has been influenced by the media. I have a similar paper due for Survey of Modern and Contemporary Art History, how does art reflect political views. I could easily tie both papers together as far as research goes. So that is a thought, it might make things a bit easier for me.

The kids of course are doing wonderfully. We have completely relaxed and settled into our new digs. We are actually planning to have a first garden in over a year. We are going to give lasagna gardening a shot this year. Well, we will cheat a little bit in that we will get compost to use instead of actually layering this year. We will work on that next year. I do need to build a new worm condo and get some new worms. I really want to use their castings.

We now have very little land to with which to work. However, the plan is to go around the base of the skirting and along the “property lines” and make little beds. We have a chain link fence along the back yard so anything needing support will go in there. Though we like to rotate crops, if we do layering with compost we may be able to bypass that or just rotate the areas set up for tomatoes and peas and beans between each other.

Right now we are pouring over online seed catalogs and making newspaper pots for the things we will start from seed. I will be buying some seedlings when they become available. I don’t know if we can get our beds deep enough for a lot of root veggies this year but we will see.

The little bit of open space we have the kids want to put in a butterfly garden and have their fort/club house set up. I am thinking a lattice arbor of some kind, almost like a secret garden. It will not be very big but should be fun to build and watch it all grow. We want to put out hummingbird feeders and I need to see if purple martens frequent this area.

We will see how things progress. If I ever get a chance to get a new camera I will take before, during and after pics to post. It should be interesting as we try to beautify what is actually a desolate looking place. Hopefully it will turn out the way I would like. I might do a design layout to post using Photoshop.

Well, it is time for this crazy woman to take her butt to bed.

Light and Love to everyone!!!

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