Field trips, update, and commentary

A few weeks ago we went to Ripley’s Aquarium. It is a local one but still had a wonderful selection. We spent the entire day there. The kids raced from one exhibit to the next and back again. We were all exhausted. I haven’t gotten a new digital camera yet so we got a disposable one. I really need to get it developed. I can’t wait to see how all the pictures turned out including the ones the kids took themselves.

We played with horseshoe crabs, learned about scuba diving, petted sting rays and a guitar fish. Saw predator fish of the Amazon. Watched a baby chick hatch in their babies exhibit. My son spent 30 minutes watching bull frogs and copying them trying to catch bugs with his tongue. My daughter has officially returned to her curious being and went around picking the brains of all of the staff about everything. It was a test run but it will definitely be worth the season pass for us.

Our next field trip is in two weeks. We will be going to Brookegreen Gardens. It will be a fascinating trip for all of us. The zoo, the gardens, the art work, the walking tour, all of it. We will hopefully be taking one field trip per month to some place special.

On the list of places the kids have chosen so far:

This list is subject to change and of course we are frequently at the Chapin Memorial Library.

As for what the kids are learning lately. Claire is taking my modern art history class with me, working on worksheets I have put together by subject in her notebook, drawing, painting, reading, and generally following her interests. We have had interesting discussions on many topics. Currently we are planning on how to beautify the outside of our little trailer. We are going to do our own version of lasagna gardening around the skirting. Where we will be planting veggies, herbs and flowers. Companion gardening included in all of this. Nothing requiring deep roots this year, but hopefully next year. The little bit of yard to the back is going to become a garden and fort for the kids.

Morgan is studying to be a super hero. When he is not busy kicking “evil bad” guys butts he is listening to his favorite Dr. Seuss stories, singing songs, making faces (future as a stand up comedian is looking bright), playing numbers games and online role playing games. Basically being a 4 yr old little boy and exploring his world.

As time is passing by I see our little homeschool following the unschooling method and way of thinking more and more. We are also, as parents, learning to be more relaxed and creating a peaceful learning environment. Will ever be radical unschoolers, probably not, but we will be some where in the unschooling environment. Happy, healthy little ones that find learning exeriences in everything around them.

Light and Love!

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