Daddy is coming to visit

AAhhh..the kids are excited and the house is clean in the extreme, hopefully it will last until Daddy officially arrives. We will see. Two active home school kids who are always in to something? Plus we plan on baking today. Anyway, he is coming for a short visit. I think he wants to check out our new digs. As the 4 yr old says..Yeah Yeah, Whatever. We have lived in better and we have lived in worse. But it is home and really starting to take shape that way. Doing a little bit at a time to decorate and get things squared that are logical to me. I know, I am insane, logic makes no sense then right?

I am looking forward to seeing the old man even though he aggrevates the living hell out of me, on purpose I might add. It wouldn’t be him if he didn’t. He is my dad, I love him, hate him some days too. I guess some things we never grow out of.

I do still have to finish up the kitchen and get the beef stew going. We are going to be baking chocolate chip cookies today from scratch as well. Some fresh “circle” bread aka dinner rolls to anyone else who is not 4 and labels things according to his own brand of logic.

This session in school is looking like a killer. So my time in Second Life will be limited, I really do love my SL family there and miss them terribly. I have a ton of things I would love to be doing in world right now. However, I have two chapters of Modern Art History to read and a small essay to write. Mass Media Communications is also going to be a killer this 5 1/2 week session. We have a quiz due soon and I have to do two lengthy discussion questions. All of my reading material right at the moment is online. This will sound stupid to some but I still prefer to do most of my reading, especially school related, in hard copy. So this is a completely new thing for me and will need my utmost attention. Admittedly Art History is a favorite subject of mine and we are starting with Neo-Classical Art. As for Mass Media Communications, well if I want to do kick ass web sites and other things I definitely need to learn and understand it all much better than I current do.

I was happy to see that I now have access in the student learning center to some basic drawing classes. Until starting in school I have never taken a formal art class, other than that which is offered in elementary and middle school as part of our extra curricular courses. So it should be interesting and I hope that I can perfect what I can already do intuitively. I will be boning up on Adobe Illustrator, I don’t know why I just can’t click with it like I did with Adobe Photoshop but hopefully soon. I have been learning Dreamweaver on my own as well. I know some where in my course outlines that I will be using it heavily.

I still want to get my own professional looking website going. I am considering doing a business involving digital scrap booking and other digital services. I have the software, what I think is half way decent talent and well as of this week my computer can handle a heck of a lot more. Upgraded video card and increased RAM definitely are pluses. As soon as we have a handle on our exact monthly bills I will look into domain name registration and hosting. Of course going back to I have used them in the past and had the least amount of trouble with them and their customer service rocks.

Well, time to get the rest of the day going. The kids are happily playing Toon Town, a disney MMORPG geared just for kids. The thought is that it will help the 4 yr old become a better player on some of the other games that we play. Not being able to read quite yet is a hinderance and he wants to play independantly so we will give this a shot.

Light and Love!

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