I entitled this the Ramblings of a Crazy Woman for a reason

Don’t ever doubt that I am completely insane. We spent the last few months once again looking for a house to live in. Figures we finally plan a get away just the two of us and we end up squeezing it in in between moving out of and cleaning the motel room we were in. We still managed to have a wonderful time. We are also very excited about the new dwelling. It is an ancient single wide but there is room for everyone and for the first time since we have been together I cannot complain about the kitchen at all. Except that I haven’t filled it full of stuff. I still have plenty of room in it. We just got internet once again about may be 45 mins ago. I am waiting to hear back from my prof at school about an extension to get all my work turned in and rescue my grade.

We skipped upgrades to the computer for now. But we are officially a two income family again. My brother in law started back to work today officially. So all is going well. Will give complete gory details later. I am still trying to catch up with a few people and answer some questions about custom graphic requests.

Light and Love!

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