Can we not have a crazy day?

Craziness isn’t just a theme I use in my blogs, it is our standard way of life. Between pre-teen angst meltdowns and preschool thinking he is all grown up. We are plugging away at school. One subject per day, with quality time spent doing it. Working on all aspects of learning with each subject. At least for our daughter. Our son, well number games and Dr. Seuss are the bomb. So all is progressing well.

We moved this weekend and just got back on line. We did splurge and finally buy a new printer. That helps a lot with printing all the wonderful units and such that I have been saving up. We have a nice area for school work and things are settling down into a sense of normalcy. Well as normal as we get anyway.

We are hoping to add karate lessons for both kids shortly. It will help them both tremendously on so many levels and seems to be something they are interested in.

Light and Love to you all!!

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