Plugging along

We have made some adjustments to what we are doing. The further we get into home schooling the more we see where we need to work with the kids. Especially our daughter. I think we are still deschooling a bit. Though we have accomplished a lot so far this “school year”. We have taken a step back from the grandiose plans and are concentrating on what my grandparents and others before them would have called the 3 R’s. Without those basic foundations nothing else will ever make sense. So we have started using a book by Scholastic called vocabulary builder and it is doing wonders for us. We are also concentrating on one piece of writing and basic math drills.

Today we did something a little different. We did a brief over view of US History so that the importance and excitement and all else of the inauguration of our 44th president was understood. The accomplishment he has made thus far will always maintain his place in American if not world history. It was an awesome moment to watch it all sink into our daughter’s mind.

Light and Love to you all!!

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