It’s been a rough couple of weeks

We knew it was coming, we saw the signs but we were still taken by surprise. Many things have happened to us over the last few years. Up to and including our marriage almost completely collapsing. This takes its toll on adults, but kids it is even harder. They have not yet learned coping skills, well many adults do not have them either, for major life shattering events. Well, our son is still young enough he has been and is unaware, so far as we can tell, of things that have happened. Our daughter on the other hand was dead center in a lot of it. Things came to a head for her and for us two weeks ago. She just couldn’t handle everything circling in her head anymore. I wouldn’t say she is unstable or danger of hurting herself. She just needed to talk to someone other than her parents or other loving adults in her life. We have gotten the assistance that she needs and that we need as a family to heal and restore our mental health.

Things are slowly getting back on track for us. We are not online in any of our games right now we have turned our focus entirely on our family. Plans for our virtual lives have been placed on hold. While we love our virtual lives and our friends and family we have developed there, we need to focus on our “real lives”.

So as my classes have started again and we are proceeding with homeschooling. Keeping the family life relaxed and as fun as possible. We have started searching for a regular apartment instead of the hotel suite we have been staying in. Stability has begun to settle in, counseling is helping a great deal to resolve many issues. I wouldn’t say we are any where close to being done with only 2 weeks under our belts and it will be quite some time before true normalcy sets in.

I have been doing some web content writing again, I know I said I wasn’t going to do that anymore but the money is still decent. I am also doing some custom web graphics and working on building a full business website. I am not letting out the top secret product that I will be offering above and beyond my writings and graphic arts works. I will also have a few of my tried and true drop ship products available as well.

And so life continues and there is always something new to do or learn every day.

Light and love

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