The First Day of Our New School Plan

Well, we are off to a slow start but things will smooth out over the next few days. The kids have enjoyed their break but have actually asked for class work. Music to our ears. We are using email for communication with Claire, that way there is a copy of her assignments and it makes it much easier to track what is being accomplished and what is not. This will also assist her with improving her typing skills, learning to use email more efficiently. We have added daily current events to her lessons. We are trying to encourage her to use the internet for research and general learning. Currently her main usage has been email and searching for her favorite anime shows.

As for Morgan “Monster Boy”, a nick name that is apparently stuck for life, we will be continuing with the Charlotte Mason form of learning using living books. He is actually starting to choose his own books at the library and still very much interested in Dr. Seuss. We are not using the actual Charlotte Mason book list but developing our own. His a huge interest in numbers and anything number related. He also has shown a desire to learn to write, so we are making him traceable letter worksheets now that he has learned how to trace dotted lines. We will also do some connect the dots and work on fine motor skills such as hold a pencil, cutting with big boy scissors, etc. He likes to string beads but needs larger ones so we will venture back into the world of pasta art. Both kids will enjoy it but it will definitely help him learn patterns and improve hand eye and fine motor control.

Well, almost time for swimming so going to sign off for now and get ready.

Light and Love!

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