It’s 2009

It is still hard to believe that yet another year has passed us by. Hopes for a bright future lay in the air. Hubby woke up with the cold everyone else has had. Hopefully it will not get as bad as when I had it. He has to work tonight so he has been sent back to bed to rest, sleep, whatever. A nice large pot of tea has been brewed instead of the usual coffee and we even have orange juice, honey and plenty of cold medicine. One of these days soon I will stock up on the home remedies I normally keep that seem to work so much better. Holistic approach to healing just sits better with our philosophy on life.

Today is house cleaning today, starting the new year off with a clean feeling, smelling and looking home is a great way to start. Not that it is filthy by any means just those little things that need to be done and maybe some extra heavy spot cleaning here and there as needed.

I have been working hard on my art work and learning how to make things so they can be poster size for sale on my storefront. I have also been working on a book called “Frugal Cooking”. Not just a recipe book but tricks I have learned through hard times that might help other people. I had thought about doing a subscription ezine on that and similar topics. However, I may do just a simple newsletter and list accompanying products that I create and where they may by purchased. If I do this it will be a subdomain of the new website I am creating. I have a free site at the moment and haven’t done much with it. However, in the background I have been putting together a really kick ass site. It will be much like a portfolio of my work, products for sale, and other things. Pulling together everything that I can do and showcasing it all in one spot. No I will not be moving any of my blogs. I have ignored my myspace page for quite some time, along with a few other blogs I had started. I will probably let all of those sit. I have so much on my plate that keeping up is going to hard enough.

I have been contemplating putting together a plan of action so that I can keep up with all of my endeavors both real life and second life. It will be the only way I can keep track of things. I miss having my life planner, it ended up in storage some how. So I am going to start an electronic version of it. I have all kinds of freebie calendars and such that I have downloaded, not realizing that I have one built into my operating system. So I will be unistalling the others and using that one.

A brief outline to get me started on what I have layed out for myself for the new year.

Real life:

  • Revamped Homeschool Curriculum
  • Revamped Homeschool Calendar
  • Spend time each day dedicated to just writing
  • Spend time each day dedicated to art
  • Spend time each day dedicated to class work
  • Plan fun family activities
  • Get at least 2 art posters up for sale
  • Get at least 1 book completed
  • Get website up and running along with monthly newsletter
  • Become better at using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop
  • Continue new exercise program that I have started
  • Start research on fictional book series for young adults that I have talked about for ages.

Second Life and Legend City Online

  • Finish filling SL Flanagan’s schedule and set up weekly and monthly events
  • Finish setting up store Elegantly Naughty on Flanagan’s Island Mall
  • Get LCO schedule finished and set up
  • Make sure to get all events listed where appropriate
  • Start a blog just for SL and just for LCO with events
  • Get textures stock piled for LCO and art work
  • Create furniture
  • Create hair
  • Get enough staff together to cover all events
  • Set up storefront in LCO
  • Publish newsletters for patrons of SL and LCO Flanagan’s Inc.

These are just basic outlines of future events. I will write a more detailed outline for myself.

Well, time to get started on today’s adventures at least.

Blessed Be!

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