Physical Education

Besides socialization being a concern about homeschooling, PE is also a concern raised by many non-homeschooling families. Well, we have found swimming to be an excellent outlet for energy and way to get in shape for the whole family. We started yesterday and well, the kids are still a bit worn out from it. I might sneak off for my own swim time later on. As we get used to it I would like to see it become a daily activity. Not just regular playing and running around for the kids and grown ups but it is a fun way to get a complete work out.

We are also considering getting a bike rack for the car and bikes for the grown ups and little man. He has his scooter that he loves but wants a bike. We might even spring for a child seat for one bike so he can keep up. With all his energy out door activities are a necessity.

Some time in the next few days I am going to run some ideas past our local home school group for activities. See if we can spur some more interest. Science experiments, group book reading, maybe one of the scout programs.

DH and I are also working on the next 4 week school activities. Hopefully we will be able to spring for passes to the aqarium and zoos that are local to us.

Well that is all for the moment.

Light and Love in the new year!

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