As The New Grows Ever Closer

As we count down the hours to 2009 and reflect on the choices we have made this year, we smile softly and see that we have come such a long way. From a marriage almost in ruins to a stronger, more loving one. From living separate lives to going back to the beginning with an equal partnership. From children who seemed lost in all the mis-adventures and tragedies we have suffered to self confident, well adjusted loving children again.

We can sit comfortably and look at what we have accomplished this year. Where we struggled to survive, some days we still do, we see that we are now in the last months of this year we are making it on our own. Every little gain we have accomplished ourselves. There are still days where we end up backwards but we can laugh, learn and move ahead again. The light at the end of the tunnel no longer appears to be another oncoming train, it may actually be daylight this time.

Our successes may seem small to some one looking from the outside in but we know how monumental they really are. We have the one factor now that keeps most humans going, hope. Hope of a brighter future. One where we move through together in the same direction, not going our separate ways and moving apart. As a family in general we have become much closer. In our love for each other we have become stronger not weaker.

Light and Love,

I will post more later much to say 🙂

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