What craziness over the last 6 weeks

As this year comes to an end our family has sat and reflected over the events. The good, the bad and the ugly. We had a wonderful thanksgiving, though we lost our house we were attempting to purchase. We moved around and ended up back in the motel where we started, however, 2 huge kitchenettes this time so we were able to spread out. We saved Christmas for the kids by sheer will power. We will be here until we have completely regrouped financially.

I made it through my first quarter at school. I blew one class, shot my GPA but it is recoverable. The main classes that I need for my core degree I did very well. I have a couple of weeks to recover and get ready for the next round. I will do better, however I won’t qualify for most of the scholarships I was hoping for, at least not yet. I will have everything ready to go since most of the due dates aren’t until after the next quarter and it gives me a chance to bring my grades back up.

As for what we have been through this year and the past several years, we are hopeful that we are turning things around and next year can only be better. I am going back to writing and adding computer generated artwork to my repertoire. I am going to put forth the effort over break to improve not only my photoshop skills but my illustrator ones as well. Plus take the time to really get to know dreamweaver so that I can actually work on my personal website. Also on my to do list is to at least finish one cook book, the calendar I am working on and a small frugal living book. If I have learned nothing else in the past years it is how to survive on next to nothing.

We did start something new today prepping for the new year. The kids and I went to the hotel across the street and went swimming. Goddess knows I am out of shape. The kids had a blast and are doing well with basic swimming. I wanted to pay for lessons at one point in time but really what is the point? I wasn’t an official lifeguard but I am a decent swimmer between my maternal grandfather who was an olympic competitor in the 1930’s and my dad’s bright idea of sink or swim in the Rappahannock River when I was little, not much I can’t do. The pool hours are good enough that I can get my own time in early in the morning and late in the evenings. Who needs to go to the gym when you can get resistance and cardio all rolled into one activity. So hopefully by this time next year I will at least be fit, I may not ever see my post high school weight by I may see that figure again. Cross your fingers on that one.

As for my online time, I will be spending a bit more. I have moved back into second life with my online family there. I am plannig events, hostessing and dj’ing again. I missed it and now that offline things are going smoother it is time to add some things back in. I am not living in world again but still spending quite a bit of time enjoying myself and possibly making some extra cash. One of my dearest and closest friends and I have opened a small store. To begin with we will be doing some reselling of items as we build our own stock pile of items for sale. We are hoping to draw another friend back in world. The three of us together will be an unbeatable team.

Well at any rate, I feel the need for some free association writing coming on so it is time to open up word and see what comes out of my head this time. Well a quick trip over to my homeschool blog that i have neglected as well. I think I will just post our mid-year review there for all eternity.

Light and love to you all!

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