Mid-term Review

Well as the school year comes to it’s mid term we are required to do a mid year review. Officially only one child is being homeschooled. However, in reality both of our children are. I will start with our daughter’s review and then add in our son’s. It is amazing when you sit down and put pen to paper or in this case fingers to the keyboard and see how far they have both come.

Claire’s midyear review:

So far this year in reading, Claire has continued with her favorite series Magic Tree House. We have discussed these books as she progresses through them. We have also participated in a Home School Book Club where we read the borrowers and did creative activities to go along with the story, including creating our own borrower family. We read The Wind in the Willows together while sitting under a willow tree and discussed all the individual characters and how they interacted as a community. Claire has also read the biography of Helen Keller.

As of now Claire has created a collection of short stories where the main topic seems to be princesses. We have used spelling word lists to work on grammar and punctuation, as well as handwriting.

Math we have reviewed addition and subtraction, using 3 and 4 digit problems. We have also worked with multiplication tables, various styles of multiplication (3 to 4 digit) and worked with fractions.

Science we have studied local marine biology, discussed digestion, various chemical reactions, weather including a unit on hurricanes and tornadoes. We have discussed plant growth and nutrition, animal and plant kingdoms as well as basic cell structure.

For social studies we have discussed pre-history, ancient Greece, studied the Olympics, the election process as well as world geography.

Claire is also studying art history, taking basic art lessons and learning about fashion design. We will be including more of these in the next half of the year.

Morgan’s midyear review:

Morgan has learned basic site words, his numbers (he is completely fascinated with numbers), letters and is working on learning how to write. He has also discovered how to cut paper, work with clay and many many other arts and crafts. We are still working on stringing beads but I think good old fashioned pasta stringing might work better so we will give that a shot. He has memorized several Dr. Seuss books and is learning to pick out his own books at the library. All in all for having just turned 4 we are quite proud of his accomplishments.

Our plans for the rest of homeschooling as far as style, schedule, etc are as follows. We will be doing 4 weeks of study and 1 week off. Basically going year round. 3-4 days per week will be standard structured learning for Claire with the rest being fun projects, experiments, etc. For Morgan we are going to stick with the Charlotte Mason style and learning from playing. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Charlotte Mason, hers is teaching from living books in a very small nutshell. It is one of those things where I wish I had been more insistent and not taken every one else’s advice and sent her to public school. I should have stuck to my guns more and started her off right. My issues with public school are not universal while still not being unique to our family. We saw her being stifled, turned into a clone like every other kid and well of course being labeled because she doesn’t always sit down, shut up and think inside the box.

Well that is a rant for another day. But generally speaking the kids are doing well, well socialized and happy and healthy. Claire wants to find a volunteer project to work on and perhaps we will start our own branch of either Earth Scouts or Spiral Scouts. We haven’t quite decided yet.

Well off to do some other writing of my own.

Light and Love! May the Goddess’ love shine on you in the coming new year!

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