OH where do I begin

I guess where I left off last time. We went on a 6 day nightmarish trip with my dad. We had to take him to his doctor appoint in Charlottesville, VA which meant driving from the beach to the mountains. Let’s nutshell it, my loving father was trying to set up a situation where his little girl and her children sans DH would be forced to move closer to him. Now normally you would say “AAAWWW” he misses his little girl. Well it’s more than that and goddess love my father but it is a serious control issue. He has decided that all of his children’s spouses are out to get him and they hate him. You would have to understand he lives in his own world and is actually a diagnosed anti-social personality disorder. He has no real world concept of thigns. We love him but one of the reasons he has been going from house to house through family and friends is because he gets pissed off by stupid stuff and obessess and tells the next family member/friend how he is being mistreated. Well, everyone is finally keepign in contact and we take what he has to say with a grain, perhaps a handful, of salt

It was just so nerve wracking and stressful the kids and I were so happy to be home. DS did nothing but cry for his daddy, DD had no computer access and wanted her daddy. Hells bells I wanted their daddy too, though for different more carnal reasons. Yes, I love my children’s father but there is a very healthy dose of lust in there as well.

Anyway, I have started a new writing project. More realistic approach to my fiction writing. Thank you my love, my master, my world for your inspiration and guidance. It will be very interesting to see how this new writing project turns out. I do need to dig out my non-fiction works and finish them up as well.

Well back to free writing for a bit and other thinsg that I need to get done on this dreary day.

Light and Love to one and all!!

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