As usual I must play catch up

It must appear as though we have done nothing for the last few weeks. Well, I have been lax on posting but we have been quite busy around here. We haven’t done much as far as structured learning. My DS has been learning to write his letters. While he can recognize a ton of words, has memorized Fox in Sox and a few other books, he still needs to read and write his letters. So the great wall of school has been put to good use. He is transferring many of his letters and his favorite words to paper now. We aren’t concerned with neatness or perfection, just the fact he can demonstrate everything he can do.

Claire has become fascinated with the history channel, discovery channel and national geograhic channels. Which is very cool she has been learning so much. We are still doing math together but letting her explore different things. She is always learning, though she doesn’t always know it because she is having so much fun.

We are almost done with Wind in the Willows. It has been an excellent adventure with out friends Mole, Ratty, Toad, Otter and all the others. DH and I have decided though we are going to need to revisit a more structured day. It is very good for the kids and well for mommy as well. We seem to thrive more when we have structure. So it is falling to me to find a schedule that will work for both of my learners. The challenges of home schooling for us are coming down to age and learning style differences. We will survive and over come and figure it out. After all we haven’t been at this very long but we still won’t go back to public school no matter what any one thinks. We love having our kids with us, love watching them grow and learn and well we just love our kids.

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