A chance for change!

I think I will paste a post to a yahoo group here and just expand upon it. A true rambling for today. I cried last night at the potential for our country to improve. I think that as a nation we now truly have a chance for change, for our country to finally move forward in this new century and to show the world that we have not yet lost the hopes and dreams that our nation has boasted to the world for so long.

Below was a response to one of my yahoo groups, where several good friends of mine posted about their disappointment and to be honest I was a bit discouraged by their lack of open minded view points.

The current state of affairs in this country need to change. Barack Obama does represent change. Black he is, why does color matter? Muslim he is not; but why does religion matter? Socialism is an economic policy not a form of government. John McCain’s concession speech was eloquent and well stated. He was absolutely gracious. Barack Obama’s speech was not about himself but about a nation that needs to heal all wounds and move on in the 21st Century. Even the nations, many our allies, are in support. The increase in American futures (stocks) world wide jumped, a chance for our economy to heal.

A chance to change from the old ways and move into the future, a future with hope that any one can succeed in this country. Yes, I am a liberal, a pagan, and an American. Our country is in dire need of social and economic change. The current status quo has lead to unemployment, foreclosures and many other problems within our own borders. This is a time, not unlike the Great Depression, where the country needs someone to lead us out of darkness and into the light. We need to open our minds and see that there is a brighter future where businesses that have been given tax breaks to move their operations over seas taking American jobs away will cease to be able to do so. A brighter future where the average working man has a chance to save his home, provide better for his family, where we will not have to struggle to pay for our children’s college and where those who have the larger incomes actually have to pay taxes instead of the middle class and below having to carry the burden. It is a brighter future where we may see peace and prosperity again. We need our allies on our side, not looking at us as a rabid dog.

“If is ain’t broke don’t fix it.” We are a broken nation and need to be fixed. Change is always terrifying, the status quo is even more terrifying. I have watched prosperous people, cities, towns and states fall under the status quo. I have seen small town America become ghost towns. I have seen people lose their homes. I have seen what prolonged illness will do without enough insurance. I have seen what happens when people do not have insurance at all. I have watched seniors lose everything because their retirement has disappeared.

Instead of hoping that there are not fights, riots, etc let us work together as one nation to create a place of peace. Let’s work together as a whole people not as factions to make things better for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren. Let’s work together to save our planet, to show our children and grandchildren and their children that we as a whole nation can work together to make the world safer, cleaner and more peaceful for them, that we have their best interests at heart.

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