The Great Wall of School

What a difference that has made in DD’s lessons. Just the first day and of course we had fun creating our Great Wall of School. DS thinks he has died and gone to heaven, a wall he can draw on and no one stops him. He was tracing letters and drawing pictures before we finished. Honestly we have a few more things to put up on the wall. I will have to admit I enjoyed standing at our “chalk board” and teaching.

Currently we are reading Wind in the Willows. Today we were drawing parallels between this wonderful animal community and human communities. We also started studying animal/plant kingdoms today. For math we made a new multiplication chart. We will be working on a world time line, very generalized for now. In time we will get down to studying different cultures and such in depth. But there is a definite lack of general knowledge for now we are going to work on general knowledge in most subjects.

We will be starting our official grammar & punctuation studies this week. Tomorrow, however, we have our meeting at the park with our home school group Coastal Area Homeschoolers. A small but wonderful group. We will be doing Halloween crafts, feeding ducks and geese, and the kids of course will run wild and free!

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