Another blind ramble in the works

Today was actually a successful day. I accomplished almost everything on my to-do list. This is a big deal, normally I almost never get anything done. It feels good. DH is off work tonight but is tired from working night shift. He is waiting to hear about his new job we can keep our fingers crossed. I am planning on checking out the local Bingo hall tomorrow night. We will see how it goes.

Right now I am annoying everyone while I type and sing along with my personal play list. I know I can’t sing but it’s my home so I can if I want to. So there! I am also downloading other songs. Lately I haven’t been as into Type O Negative as Finger 11, Buck Cherry, Nickleback, 311, Savage Garden. Of course there is always country music and “classic” rock. We will see where it all leads, it really depends on my mood. Tonight I am just looking for a good mix to work by. I still want to write an article for article base and possibly dig out one of my current works and get it closer to finishing.

One thing on my to do list I haven’t done yet is get myself used to using dreamweaver so that I can re-design my new web site, yet again. Well, off to see what the muses inspire this time for a lovely article.

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