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Aug. 3, 2008
And so the journey begins
We were going to set an official date to start home schooling. Then we realized that we not only teach our children something everyday, we learn so much from them. Of course for official documentation we have said Sept 1, 2008. My husband and I are very excited and feel so at peace with this decision. Granted no one else in our family is supportive but now that we have decided to do this together the whole world has opened up to us. We both work I am on day shift and my husband works nights. So we tag team teach and use learning moments. We are searching for resources for some traditional work sheets, unit studies, etc. Well, it is time for home economics in the form of cooking dinner. My goal with this blog is to keep a journal of our adventures.

Aug. 4, 2008
Today’s adventures
Well they actually began after dinner. We went to one of our local Books a Million stores to hang out. We shared a sprite and a brownie between 3 of us. Big treat for us, we have been on a tight budget because of moving. Then we meandered down the road into Murrells Inlet and drove slowly and enjoyed looking at all the boats, old southern coastal homes and found a small board walk. We decided to pull over and take the very short walk. We discovered small crabs coming out of the mud and watched minnows swim near the surface of the swampy water. After that we stopped at one of the beachwear shops on the way home. The name of the store is Jaws. A huge ceramic model of the creature is is part of the entrance. We walked into the mouth of the behemouth. We went in not for shopping but because the marquee stated live sharks. Sure enough we saw a mommy and baby nurse sharks swimming in a tank. Sucker fish included on mommy. The store also had lizards, hermit crabs, tiny frogs and two different species of turtles for sale. On the way home we discussed pet owner ship.This morning when daddy got home from work we had breakfast and then took him and Uncle Randy to see the crabs. It had rained last night so the swampy areas we saw earlier in the evening were covered in water, but we were still able to see both species of crabs that we had seen the evening before. Then we stopped at Jaws. The next stop was our favorite though. We finally were able to get library cards for our new library. Books were checked out on the animal of choice to learn about. A few others as well. Our library has a wealth of home schooling materials. Best of all it has a playground outside. Daddy found a book that Claire hasn’t been able to put down until about a half an hour ago when she fell asleep. Morgan has his frog book and some Dr. Seuss books (ours are in storage and he was having green eggs and ham withdrawls). That was our adventure in home schooling for today.

Aug. 10, 2008
What a long week..
Well, new job is awesome, love the office atmosphere. The kids are doing well with a very relaxed school schedule. Morgan is actually starting to write his letters. Claire has no clue she is doing school work until you tell her to go have fun enough school for the day. Relaxed self paced and they are eating it all up. Don’t ask me what grade they are in, it would depend on the subject and well we have decided not to do grade levels. For history we are doing “Today in history” and she gets to pick interesting topics to read about and then we discuss them. Eventually we are going to add some kind of project to this. Science has been learning about different animals.Math we have done much with yet.Reading, we are reading to Morgan who then tells us he is reading to us and making up his own version of the story. Claire right now is hooked on a book about “Twitches”, teenage witches.That about covers it other than hanging at the library, art museum, etc.

Sep. 8, 2008
Playing catch up
I have been rather lax in my blogging of late. As a matter of fact I have found some old blogs that I haven’t touched in a year or more. The easiest way to deal with this I think will to be just link them all together. Since I have once again left the rat race and turned my attentions back to my family (the best job in the world in my not so humble opinion) I will be perfecting my writings and returning to school as well.As for our adventures in homeschooling, we are progressing beautifully. Claire seems to be de-schooling rather nicely. While we take an unschooling approach to most of our days she still desires worksheets and some kind of time line of when things need to be done. As I had posted in the yahoo group Homefire Journal our method is more of a hodge podge of things. Field trips, learning moments, computer games, worksheets, arts and crafts and best of all life itself.Currently we are working on studying Greek History and Culture. We are linking studies of the recent Olympics and combining that with studying the presidential election. It will culminate with the local Greek Festival the last weekend in September. We are also doing a unit on hurricanes and other meterological events. Of course there are some traditional class work in handwriting and math. Handwriting practice is the by product of vocabulary studies for Claire. 15 new words per week. I have her define, practice writing (spelling practice as well as handwriting), write sentences and then there are games to play. Math is much the same, worksheet practice. We have back tracked a bit to do some refresher work on math skills but Claire, I am proud to say, is moving through them smoothly and with much more confidence than she showed with her time in public school.Morgan is doing nicely. He has discovered playing cards. We play matching, War, do basic math and well the first letters he has learned to recognize are A, J, Q, K. Future card shark in the making. He is writing a few of his letters and learning to recognize them and numbers as well. For not quite 4 years old we are very proud of his accomplishments thus far. He is an excellent story teller, especially if it involves Ben 10.Well, it is time to settle everyone down for some afternoon work. I will do my best to get back to daily blogging on all my sites, with the copious amounts of spare time that I have.

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