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Sep. 14, 2008
Kids are truly amazing
For the most part we take an unschooling approach. However, recently my daughter has asked for a more structured learning environment. So I have been developing unit study guidelines on a variety of topics. She has finally, finally come to accept home schooling as a way of life and has relaxed and begun to really enjoy learning. Her math skills have come along way, reading is now a part of her daily life again, and she is blossoming into a beautiful young woman before our eyes. Bless her heart she is having some issues with hormones and such, and has subsequently had a few melt downs. Moving has been hard for her. I know how she feels, been there done that as a child. However, since we bought a house we should be able to be more settled and stay in one place. My son, well he writes upside down when he is not scribbling and is showing a tendancy to auditory learning. He is spelling basic words orally and still doesn’t sit quite still. Though play a game of matching with a standard deck of cards and he will sit for almost an hour. Not too bad I think for an almost 4 yr old rambunctious, extremely active boy. He does know 4 letters very well, A, J, Q, K, go figure a card shark in the making. LOLI have been busy writing and playing taxi driver on top of everything else. But I am enjoying it I love being a SAHM again and have decided to go back to school myself for interactive media and graphic arts through the Art Institue of Pittsburgh Online. Fun, Fun, Fun!!!Well off to do some more mommy work stuff.

Sep. 16, 2008
Fun fun Fun
We discovered our local county historical museum. A tiny little place in historic downtown Conway, SC. However, it holds treasures and kept the kids fascinated for almost 2 hours as we explored every nook and cranny. There was an exhibit of wild life found in South Carolina, including a stuffed black bear family and a rather large stuffed alligator. You could follow the time of South Carolina from prehistoric times to present day.For the first time in several years my daughter went to the curator and asked a question without being shy or wanting mommy to do it for her. Homeschooling has brought out a new sense of self confidence in her. She discovered that in 18 months the museum will be moving and expanding to include more classes and hands on activities. We are hoping that in the next couple of weeks or so we can start going to the museum kid’s club for 1st through 5th graders. Perhaps our son will enjoy the preschool classes in the morning. If we do nothing else we will try to make some of their fun events. Including the upcoming historical costume contest for Halloween. Our son has surprised us a bit the last couple of days. I wouldn’t say he is reading quite yet but he is definitely recognizing words and putting things together in his head. He has asked to learn to read and wants to desperately. So we have been reading more, his favorite books are by Dr. Seuss. He cannot pick out all his letters yet, but definitely is picking up on small words. After our time at the museum, which we gathered brochures and maps for free places to go in our county. We see many field trips planned out over the next few months. Our homeschooling journey is really taking on a life of its own. I am also putting together some unit study guides. Not complete unit studies, just guides to help with historical studies, at least to start. I have some other ideas in my head. They are general enough that they can be adjusted for almost any grade level.Today was just a fun day. Hubby and I had had a long night and day and slept, Uncle watched over the children. They went outside and played in the mud and rain and had a blast. Their latest creations I believe got washed away in the later heavy rains but they were making sculptures from mud. I wish I had been able to get out there and take some photos of those, I will eventually catch those neat moments on camera to share with friends and family.It’s still a bit early and I have to catch up on my other blogs and writings. Light and Love to all!

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