Even more old blog posts

Sep. 18, 2008
Our first book club meeting
We had an absolutely wonderful time yesterday and Grand Park down here in Myrtle Beach. We are reading The Borrowers by Mary Norton. Our local homeschool groupCoastal Homeschool started a book club. We read the first four chapters and then did some cool arts and crafts. We will be meeting every two weeks. I think all of the children had a wonderful time. We fed the ducks and geese at the pond, they played on the playground and rolled down a rather large hill. We spent a bit of time at the library yesterday as well. Then took the afternoon off to relax and hang with a friend of ours. The children played outside with their friends in the neighborhood. It was a rather slow day to be honest. We are having a bit of a late start today but we will see where our adventures lead us today.

Sep. 24, 2008
Catching up!
Of course being Wednesday today is our Sunday. Our weekend runs Tuesday and Wednesday. Pretty neat especially since if we do a family homeschooling trip even DH gets to go. Most places are less crowded during the middle of the normal work week. We have gone full swing into vocabulary studies, math, and ancient Greece with our daughter. She is loving every minute of it. As time goes on we will add more studies. Our next thing is going to be to add grammar and punctuations. For having been in public school from kindergarten until third grade last year she has very little rudimentary knowledge of these topics. However, mom and dad to the rescue we will fix all of that. Slowly adding in subjects and projects seems to work well for her. The toddler/pre-schooler is well, busy being 101% boy and occasionally shows us what he is learning. Today’s adventure is to be a ghost. I don’t think we have laughed so hard in ages. He doesn’t want eye holes cut out so he keeps running into things and falling down exclaiming, “I am dead”. We have discovered he can do basic addition and subtraction and recognizes a few basic words, when he so chooses. I think with all the holidays coming up we are going to start our religious studies unit and take a look at holidays from all cultures past and present. Being more nature worshippers than anything else ourselves we want to have our children learn about all religious beliefs so that when they are old enough to make the decision of what if anything they want to believe in they have the knowledge to do so. Though studying the history of modern holidays and their ancient roots is going to be a blast.Well off to rescue the boy from a piece of gum that does not want to stay in his mouth and is approaching getting into his hair and to finish making homemade modeling clay. Will post the clay recipe I use hopefully later on. I have a desk full of papers to grade, articles to finish, and various and sundry other house hold items to take care of.Light and Love!!

Oct. 21, 2008
We have been so busy…
Well we have had an addition to our little family. My dad the infamous “Pa-Pa” upon whom the sun rises and sets has joined us. We have been re-adjusting our schedules to fit having so many people in the house. We are doing our own version of Charlotte Mason teachings with our son. We are still trying to find the right method to keep our daughter interested. Today, other than her math work book, we will be starting interactive games on the internet to see how she does. I have officially started back to school myself. DH starts next week and goes today for a job interview for a second job. The kids and I have finally found a church that we feel at home in. We are attending, as friends, the local UU church, we are seriously considering full membership there. Hopefully DH can join us next week, depending on his work schedules. My dad is enjoying the time he has with grandchildren but is ever critical of the “lack” of socialization for the kids, especially DD. He thinks home schooling is great other wise.The past few weeks DD has been charge of arts and crafts, she and her brother have been making our Halloween decorations and we are making our own costumes this year instead of purchasing them.We also planted the first of many fruit trees to come, two Celestial Fig. We are going to work on edible landscaping on our little piece of heaven. We have already started our first worm bin and it seems to be doing quite well. If all goes well we will have a surplus of fishing worms and plenty of casings to amend our soil. Have a fun and safe Halloween.Blessed Be!

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