Consolidating blogs and more ramblings

Good morning to everyone. I obviously couldn’t sleep. So here I am when I could be snug as a bug in rug writing. Actually I am consolidating blogs at the moment. It really is silly to have 6+ blogs running around. So this is the thought. Here at Ramblings I will do just that, ramble on and on. Over at blog I will write about writing, makes sense to me. Then I have started a new homeschool blog adjacent really to this one which will chronicle our crazy adventure in homeschooling. I am not sure if I will keep up my myspace page or not, that is on vacation at the moment as my plate is pretty full.

What would be wonderful would be to find a job writing where I can just get paid to ramble on. However, that is not likely to happen unless I start my own magazine again. Very tempting things to do to be honest, though this time it will only be an ezine, I am definitely not going to do start to finish again of a print subscription.

Now if only I could figure out why I am not sleepy at all. Though that could be because I am used to being up at this point. Normally taking a friend to work actually taking him home at this hour. But I have a long day planned for tomorrow and really need to sleep however, my mind is racing.

Thought I can cross off, consolidating blogs from my list. I will probably stop by and post more later. I am done with my homeschool blogging for now and I guess I should probably end this post. I am hoping that my article base account profile let’s me put in links. I am going to take my personal website offline for a bit while I revamp it yet again. I don’t know why I just can’t be happy with it, must be that artsy fartsy part of me I have begun turning loose all over the place.

Well, off to get a drink, another smoke and figure out what I want to do. I do know what I want to be when I grow up, I still have to decide when I want to grow up. I want to design IEM (Interactive Educational Media). Basically, layman’s terms, MMO’s for educational purposes. However, I am not going to reveal my full secrets just yet on this idea as I would like to keep it under wraps until I can actually put it all into action and it not get borrowed by someone else before I can do it myself.

I am definitely rambling at this point.

Light and Love!!

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