AAAHHHH…Now on to the good stuff.

Well, with all that being said and done, all old posts moved, old blog taken down. Now I can move on to some new information.

After some soul searching and obivously a night I could not sleep, an idea that struck me earlier yesterday has come into a lovely plan. I am going to take one wall in the kitchen right next to the kitchen table and turn it into our school wall. We have been trying different ways to teach and for the kids to learn etc, focusing mainly on our DD but I think a more traditional school house approach may just work well.

So with that in mind the kids and I are going to decorate the wall with numbers, letters, sight words, multiplication table, grammar & punctuation rules, timelines, etc. Then cover it all with clear contact paper and invest in some washable markers. If I have sketched it all correctly we will have a “chalk board” and learning info all in one place that would cover things both kids need. DS of course being young (not quite 4 yet) will have a corner that is just for him to draw and all that.

I think this is going to work out very well. Even if we are doing quiet reading time, mommy will be sitting down to the kitchen table as well while she does her physical homework before she has to log into her school and post assignments, etc.

Well, off to update my other blog. I will get all links to everything set up and all that hopefully by the end of the week.

Light and Love!!

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