Playing catch up as always

Oh my..I knew I would stay behind adding one more blog, oh well. I have been busy with Ancient Greek studies, vocabulary, math and modeling clay. Not to mention book club meeting, park days, etc. That doesn’t even cover my writing assignments, my general writings, books in the works, website for shameless self promotion and various other details to get my school career back on track.

Then there is the house work. We were with out a washer and dryer for the last few weeks. I actually was doing laundry by hand. I appreciate my grandmother’s hard work ever so much more. We got a new set yesterday so it’s laundry catch up time. *Doing a happy dance*

Daddy is coming down tomorrow for an extended stay so we will see how that goes. Major house cleaning to be done.

Well, time to tackle some of that list including my seo research for my website and blogs so that I can see about hitting some top rankings. The only way to truly do it is hard work!!

Light and Love!!

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